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Curriculum vitae

Internship in day care center with forest play group, donkeys, goats and chickens, Switzerland 2009

Florist with Swiss certificate of proficiency, Blumenland Kradolf Switzerland 2009-2013

Classic riding certificate, Swiss Association for Equestrian Sports 2012

Ranchstay with trailrides, Kefalonia Greece 2013

Animal communication course with Karin A. Grämiger, Henau Switzerland 2016

Seminar Dorntherapie Pferde, Akademie Dorn Methode & Tierheilkunde, Holzgünz Germany 2017

Guided an open stable with pension horses, Thundorf Switzerland 2017-2018

Animal healer school, Paracelsus Germany 2016 - 2018

   •Herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, emergency medicine, keeping, feeding, leech therapy, medicinal mushrooms, introduction of TCM & acupuncture

Quantum Healing for Animals, Akademie Dornmethode & Tierheilkunde, Holzgünz Germany 2018

Seminar horseback archery at Pettra Engeländer, Hünfeld Germany 2019

Working student (archery & HorseAiKiDo) at Pettra Engeländer, Hünfeld Germany 2020

•Natural Horsemanship ground work course 1 & 2 with Nadine Frei after the Martin Kreuzer Academy 2022

•Riding course 1 with Nadine Frei after the Martin Kreuzer Academy 2022

Own yard with horse stable, boarding horses, rides and lessons, Wojslawice Poland 2018-today

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