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Dorntherapie Pferd terapia koni chiropraktyka Lubelskie

Dorn method - the correct statics of the skeleton

But what exactly is the Dorn method?

It is called the gentle spine and hinge therapy. With this physiotherapeutic form of treatment, the skeleton is brought back into statics. If the pelvis, shoulders and legs do not form a stable and straight foundation, vertebrae or hinges blockages can occur.

The vertebrae and hinges are gently pushed or pushed back into the ideal place, but this is not a rough "restraint".
The thorn method is one of the few methods that pay attention to the difference in leg length.

Dorn-therapy for horses

Application areas:

  • Horse doesn't loosen up

  • Clock impurities

  • Cross gallop

  • lack of thrust

  • firm back and / or croup

  • Bending problems

  • Discard neck

  • Pinch tail

  • Torn tendon without lameness

  • Hypersensitivity when stroking / cleaning / saddling

  • tripping

Reasons why the vertebrae can shift and hinges can block:

  • accidents

  • Incorrect loads after injuries

  • one-sided load or overload

  • high spirits and wild romp

  • birth

  • wrong equipment

  • slate rider

  • due to psychological stress = muscular tension

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Rehabilitation training & correction: 

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