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Michèle & Bartosz Bas Ranczo Rajbas

About us

Bartosz and I met each other in Switzerland in 2014 and since then we go together. Step by step we have fulfilled our dreams of having our own pets.

In 2018 we moved to Poland. In the meantime, the number of own horses has multiplied and additonally there are also cats and dogs with us.

Bartosz born in 1986 and raised in Poland on a farm with a lot of animals. He completed his education as a construction technician in the year 2006. Since then he gained a lot of professional experience in various work areas, including roofing, gardening and environmental work, renovations in and around houses and much more.

So he actually builds everything himself at our  ranch, may this is a new roof, a new fence, horse feeder, dog kennels and all the susceptible renovation work.

Michèle born in 1993 and raised in Switzerland, animals were always a part of my life. Even as a little girl, I was most fascinated by horses and spent a lot of time in the stable and out in nature. After my apprenticeship as a florist, I moved to Greece, where I worked for several months in a hiking riding company. I was able to independently lead various riding tours, help with the youngest horses and of course do all the stable and surrounding work. 

However, I was still missing something professionally, so I decided to start a school as an animal healer. Many further courses followed, including the Dorn Method for Horses, as well as riding lessons, working on the ground, gymanastics and natural horsemanship.

Additionally I have been working as a student at Pettra Engeländer on a weekly basis in 2019 & 2020 (Natural horseback archery & HorseAiKiDo)

Since 2021 I have been continuing my education in form of online lessons at the Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness).

In 2022 I expanded my knowledge of natural horsemanship in groundwork & riding according to the structured principles of the Martin Kreuzer Academy.

This year I fulfilled a dream and went on a self-organized 10-day trail ride with 2 friends and our own horses.

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