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Retirement place / pension place for horses
with all-round care in our Paddock Paradise


In our stable, we decided on a paddock trail open stable, so that the horses can move around a lot and live together as a herd. It has a small grove, various sandy areas, bushes, trees, dead wood and branches to nibble on, mineral and salt stones and constantly fresh fountain water. The feeding takes place around the clock by hay on a large, covered hay rack, as well as hay nets which are distributed all over the area. They also have enough meadow, which we manage as interchangeable pastures. A large stable area is available to the horses, which is equipped with various berths (sawdust / straw). Due to a large roof attached directly to the barn, there are even more storage options in case the weather is too unpleasant for them.

For more information, just contact us without any obligation +48577606659 (Whatsapp also possible) or at

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