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Natural Horsemanship  -  Groundwork & Riding

For us, Natural Horsemanship stands for a comprehensive philosophy in our daily interaction with horses.
Our motto is therefore: As natural and species-appropriate as possible.
We implement these principles in our daily interactions and in the keeping of our horses.

A good connection with the horse requires mutual understanding, trust and respect. As a human being you also need good leadership skills, a lot of patience and empathy.
The relationship with your horse and its training begins on the ground; it is the basis for the later riding horse!
If the foundation is right, the horse will be much safer and more willing under saddle in the future.

Do you want to...
...learn this basics from the ground?
...establish understandable communication with your horse? with your horse in a variety of ways?
...learn preliminary exercises for later dressage lessons?

Then you are exactly right with us.

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