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Bartosz & Michèle Bas

Ostrów 37

22-120 Wojsławice


+48577606659 (german, english)

+48782107005 (polish)

Whatsapp possible

Getting there

The nearest major airport is in Warsaw. There are several car rental companies right there. From the airport is a good bus connection to Lublin, from there we can pick you up (costs 240zł)
There is also a very small airport in Lublin, there is also a car rental on site or a pick-up is possible (costs 200zł)
A little further away is the airport in Kraków, where cars can also be rented directly on site.

We have bicycles available at home, but if you plan to go on long trips, then you absolutely need a car.

Get in Touch!  //  +48577606659  //   +48782107005

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