As natural as possible


It is important to be an animal lover and want only the best for the animal, but I think it is just as important to have the necessary knowledge. Be it about the species-appropriate husbandry, feeding, care and behavior of our four-legged friends.

I also find knowledge about nature - the origin of animals - just as important.

Our motto is: as species-appropriate and natural as possible. We try to do this every day for our horses, dogs and cats. 

In our stable, we decided on a paddock trail open stable, so that the horses can move around a lot and live together as a herd. It has a small grove, various sandy areas, bushes, trees, mineral and salt stones and constantly fresh fountain water. The feeding takes place around the clock by hay on a large, covered hay station. They also have enough pastures.

The horses are all not shoed and live barefoot without any problems.

pies natura Lubelskie
kot natura lubelskie