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Rehabilitation training and correction  -  individual training

•Your horse had an injury or a long break and now needs to be rebuilt?
•Do you want your horse to work biomechanically correctly, in groundwork and riding?
•Are you stuck with your horse?
•Maybe it has health problems?
•Or traumas that make daily dealings difficult?

As a horse therapist and trainer, I accompany you on your way to a healthy and reliable leisure horse.
Each pair of horses and riders is viewed individually and holistically. The offer is independent of the riding style. You will be actively involved in the training!
Your horse has access to an open stable with a large padock, hay, straw and water available 24 hours a day.

One should be aware that rehabilitation and correction usually require lengthy training. That's why you should expect around 3 months. Of course, the length of the stay varies depending on the condition of the horse!

Reha Training, Korrekturpferde
trening koni Lubelskie

Ground work - Natural Horsemanship – basic training on the ground

Riding – Natural Horsemanship – basic training in the saddle

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